ITUM is a leading company of FMCG sector in Southern and Western Poland. We believe that to a great extent we owe our success to invaluable relationships established with our suppliers throughout 23 years of our presence on the market. Fair rules of cooperation and mutual aim – stable profit – are the reasons why many of our suppliers and patrons have been with us since the foundation of our company.

Nevertheless, the ever growing offer and territorial scope of ITUM make us continually search for new contacts with suppliers and producers of fruits, vegetables and other foodstuffs.

As our business profile requires an effective organization and good logistics, we are also looking for partners in such branches as transport, refrigeration, storage and even stationery.

Another important feature of ITUM is expansion. We are interested in establishing business contact with anyone willing to sell or rent real estates, plots or halls. We ourselves also posses real estates to offer to potential investors.

If you are interested in any kind of collaboration we invite you to contact us via our contact form below. Get in touch with us and be a part of ITUM!